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Voice & Exit
Dawn Youngs Voice & Exit

Dawn on the stage at Voice & Exit 2013.

Through a series of serendipitous circumstances, I had the honor to speak about my life and work at Spooky Action Ranch for Voice & Exit its very first year.  It was an amazing and inspirational experience.   I was called to speak the night before the event by Voice & Exit co-founder Max Borders when severe weather and travel delays kept one of his previously arranged speakers from being able to make the event.

Spooky Action Ranch owner Kurt Hildebrand and I worked through the night to clarify and learn to articulate the deep spiritual experiences and discoveries that had been a part of our years of living and working on the ranch.  This experience helped us to clarify our goals as we moved forward with the project.

It was not just the process of preparing to speak which was galvanizing, however, the ideas and passions of the other speakers at the event were fascinating, provocative, and have been woven into the fabric of my own philosophies in ways that I am sure I do not fully understand.

A particularly memorable speaker from the evening was John Papola of Emergent Order, an Austin based production company.  He spoke about the phenomenon of emergent order and how that inspires him in his life and in his art.  It has been a joy to follow his work since.

This year’s conference, November 11 – 13, 2016, features an amazing line-up of speakers.  I am deeply honored to count myself an alum.

You can see me speak here:  Choosing a Life in Natural Balance

Check out the full line-up of Voice & Exit 2016 here.  Voice & Exit