Spooky Action Ranch Report: Week Eleven 2015

Posted by on March 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

A Week Away

So this week I took an opportunity to get away from the ranch for a while.  I headed down to Florida to spend some time with my parents and generally pretend to be retired with them.  There were games of putt-putt and scrabble, although sadly shuffle board did not make the list this year!  Spring breakers and alligators where both observed in their natural habitats.  Many wonderful stories from the past were exchanged, and it was all in all a great escape from the usual.

Back at the ranch now, its time to kick it into gear for the transition from the winter to the spring garden.  I am putting together a succession schedule, so that each bed will be harvested and replanted over the course of the next several weeks.    I have also re-grouped on several more major projects, recognizing that they must now go on hold, as the transition will demand most of my time for about a solid month.

Back to news of the ranch next week.  Meanwhile, here are some highlights from my trip!

Medicic Statue

A detail of a replica of a fountain owned by the Medici family in the courtyard of the astounding home of one of Florida’s titans of the gilded age.


Another detail of the statue. I think this little satyr likes the pretty lady. If likes can be taken to mean lusts after. One of these fellas graces each of the four corners of the fountain.

Wetland Bird

There were hundreds of birds, like this little guy, enjoying the escape from humanity at the wetland restoration.


An idea of the general view of the wetlands. I loved the texture of the water grasses and the breeze blowing them in the wind. You can’t tell but there are dozens of wading birds hanging out in there.

White Flower

Beautiful white flowers like this one dotted the landscape of a wetland restoration area.

The Everglades

We took an air-boat ride through the everglades as a mid-afternoon storm cloud loomed above, dumping rain in the distance.