Gross | Life in Pieces

A solo Exhibit by Dawn Youngs

Salvage Vanguard Theater

May 23rd – June 20th, 2014


About The Work


While busy gardening and working toward sustainable self-sufficiency at Spooky Action Ranch, I began experimenting with small format oil painting. For most of my artistic career, I have worked in gouache and watercolor, but desired a richer color palette and deeper physical texture in my work. I began experimenting with small format pieces as a way to hone my skills and work against the time and space constraints of my busy lifestyle. After being offered the exhibit space at SVT, I was inspired with a vision of a single and vast line of these tiny canvases wrapping around the space. At the time, I had a small handful of the pieces which I had magnetized and stuck to my studio wall as a simple way to keep them a part of my current work but out of the way. I challenged myself to produce 144 of the pieces for the exhibit, named the as yet unpainted show, and got to work. I have painted what pleased me, from my home, from my garden, and from my travels, with a few visits from visions in my mind. Eventually, my visions pushed against the edges of the four 4” walls, and a few composite images popped out.   The work is displayed here in an order that pleases me, with newer and older work intermingled.


This project has pushed me to be disciplined, shown me that even tiny steps can lead to a long journey, and helped me grow and shape my personal style and vision. Plus, it was just a grand pleasure all around. I hope you enjoy!